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About Getting Connected

United Way of the Tanana Valley has partnered with Flint Hills Resources - Alaska to bring you Get Connected, a volunteer engagement and management platform that helps nonprofits find and pair volunteers with the right volunteer opportunities.
Much like Facebook, local non-profit organizations create profiles that highlight their mission statements, contact information, needs, and events.  Likewise, interested volunteers create individual profiles specifically tailored to their interests, join volunteer groups, become fans of participating agencies, and track non-profit agencies' needs and events.
Get Connected is a connection service hosted by United Way of the Tanana Valley between local non-profits and community members who would like to get involved in something they believe in or that interests them.  There are many people in the Tanana Valley willing to get involved and give back, but they're not sure how to get started.   Get Connected helps make the “connection” between volunteers and agencies. 
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